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Lucine Fyelon is a classically trained Violinist, Singer & Record Producer who pioneers her own creative fusion of sound. Communicating her story through classical & contemporary music, she presents a style of Hip-Hop, R&B, & EDM with a twist of Armenian soul. Her artistic vision & unique style transcends categorization by presenting a mix of genres that draw listeners into her world & personal journey.


Her breakthrough song "Poundcake" went viral on Facebook, collecting 21 million views within a few days. She wrote and produced two studio Albums titled “LUCINE” and “IMPERFECT”. Lucine won the "Showtime at the Apollo" TV show, hosted by Steve Harvey. She toured with Cirque du Soleil’s show, Cristal as a solo violinist and a singer. Lucine was the lead violinist for The Glee television show (seasons 1,2,3,4 & 5).


Born in Armenia, Lucine began playing violin at the age of five. Having inherited perfect pitch from her parents, both accomplished classical musicians playing violin and piano, Lucine was admitted to the prestigious "Tchaikovsky School of Music" in Armenia, where she majored in Violin performance. After graduating, Lucine moved to Los Angeles, with her family. Even though language became a barrier, Lucine’s determination and commitment to her craft pushed her to fully embrace her new environment and continue her studies. Over time Lucine joined a Church choir where the pastor, fascinated by her talent, introduced her to a celebrated opera singer "Ellada Chakhoyan," who provided Lucine with invaluable lessons in operatic vocal technique. This experience expanded Lucine's artistic abilities as both a violinist and a vocalist.


Ultimately, Lucine obtained a Bachelor's degree in Violin performance from Cal State Northridge and a Master's degree, in Opera performance, from UCLA. Proficient in both violin and opera, Lucine secured the position of 1st violinist in American Youth Symphony and reached the finals of the prestigious Placido Domingo's LA Young Artist Program. Lucine performed regularly as a soloist alongside various ensembles.


Lucine’s passion for creativity led her to embark on songwriting and music production as well, which quickly became an integral part of her artistic expression. As a songwriter and a producer, Lucine wrote more than two dozen original songs, including two studio albums, titled "LUCINE" and "IMPERFECT." Her breakthrough song "Poundcake" went viral on Facebook, collecting 21 million views within a few days. This online recognition captured the attention of talent scouts, who invited Lucine to participate in the renowned "Showtime at the Apollo" TV show, hosted by Steve Harvey. With a commanding stage presence, and an electrifying performance, Lucine won the hearts of the Apollo audience by taking the first-place prize. Lucine's continued showcasing her talent with the esteemed "Cirque du Soleil" show, Cristal. As a solo violinist and a singer, she graced the stage for over 100 shows across Canada and North America, with her virtuosity and emotional expressive performances.


Lucine's career has taken her on extensive tours as a solo artist, promoting her albums and collaborating with various touring artists. She headlined festivals, shared the stage with renowned musicians such as Jermaine Dupree and Jamie Foxx, and made appearances on numerous TV and radio shows. Simultaneously, Lucine ventured into the world of entertainment, actively engaging in Various TV shows, Commercials, and feature films as an actress and a musician.




The Grammys with Foo-Fighters, Latin Grammys with Ricky Martin & Miguel Bose, The American Music Awards with Shawn Mendes, The Tonight Show, MTV Unplugged with Miley Cyrus & Madonna, Ellen Show, ASCAP Awards with Lauren Hill, Coachella Festival with Florence & the machine, Studio recordings with The Black-Eye Peas, Britney Spears & Iggy Azaleas, Music Video with Dua Lipa (don’t start now live in LA), Live concert with Jared Leto & 30 secs to Mars, Lead violinist for The Glee television show (seasons 1,2,3,4 & 5), Orchestral musician with John Williams & David Foster, Actress for The Black Hole” alongside Malcolm McDowell and Dean Cane, Solo violinist for the feature film “Fame Remake.” Numerous Commercials for Honda, Apple iPhone, Disney, etc.


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